Coach Raby's History Class

    It is my pleasure to be in my 9th year at Stone Memorial High School.  I come here from the small town of Oliver Springs just west of Oak Ridge, TN.  I graduated with a B.S. degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. 
    I will be in my 5th years as the assistant boys basketball coach as well.  I will be teaching courses ranging from Honors U.S. History, Economics, to A.P. History.  I am looking forward to my time in the classroom with the wonderful students of SMHS.  My class description and lesson plans can be viewed below for more in depth information. 
    This webpage is designed to help students gain access to an idea of what each day in class was like and see what they missed.  I probably will not have worksheets or notes uploaded to the website this year but this will help the students and parents to gain an understanding of the pace of this class. 


Coach Jess Raby

Coach Raby's Classroom

Fall Semester 2016

Week of August 14 - August 18