Wrap up, photos and thank you!

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As GINBali 2015 finishes up we would like to say a very warm thank you to all our participants, our presenters, our sponsors, community, caterers, our off site hosts  and the staff of Canggu Community School, especially the grounds staff and security staff who put in long hours over the three day weekend to keep the campus clean and functioning. 

We would like to make special mention of our major sponsors Volcom, W Hotel and Bali Buda for giving us the support we needs and to the FOCC's committee for their continued financial support of the GINBali Conference. 

For our t-shirt manufacturers , soap makers and chocolate creators we have much love and gratitude. 

Thanks too to the hosts of our speakers and visiting schools who all contributed to the participants total enjoyment of the GINBali 2015.

A Message from the Coordinator.

As GINBali grows it is wonderful to see more and more students taking the lead and owning the conference, from the very start the team of GINBali students were enthusiastic to promote this years conference to a much wider audience. Year 12 and 13 students took on entire sections of the conference - Anda Kosasie and her team made the Saturday Fashion Show with Volcom a huge success and something many students were involved in, the school bands arranged by Vicky, Bradon and Fern were  truly remarkable and the comments continually heard was amazement at the wealth of talent within our student community. Special thanks too to Adrienne, Puspa Dewi, Susanna and Vicky for their stellar work in the presentations and on-ground logistics.


Our local 'give back' was a huge success with kids from other organisations in Bali hearing the stories from Tembak Village East Kalimantan from Agung Seberuang , watching  the film Long Sa'an  by Eric Est and talking intensely to both presenters about their work and experiences.
A big part of GINBali focussed on Indonesia, the environment, human rights and culture and I want to thank those people who came to share their stories through song, art, film and words especially  Bayak, Eric, Lengkong and Robi who have worked with GINBali since the beginning and bring a special passion, dedication and enthusiasm to the conference. Our alliances with AJAR, BAWA, Outrop and the Rise of the Eco Warriors grows stronger each year and we appreciate their willingness to be a part of the GINBali movement. 

We would not have taken the first steps without the support of VOLCOM and MOTION SKATEPARK who helped us each year bring in some stellar skaters and presenters ..and of course none of this would have been at all possible without the vision of Canggu Community School and the Yayasan who allow us to take over the school, use its resources and staff and provide us with a beautiful setting for the conference,

Thanks to Casey, Punto, Kuba and Tarkyn for the images and videos on this page

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