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Price: $11,995
Application Deadline: October 7, 2011 
Spring Term 2012: January 22 - June 8 2012

FALL 2012
Price: $12,695
Application Deadline: May 4, 2012
Fall Term 2012: September 13, 2012 - January 27, 2013*
*Some academic Schools at The University of Manchester are able to offer assessment before the Christmas vacation for those students whose home institution’s Spring semester begins in early-mid January. For an overview of disciplines currently offering early assessment, please see here. 

Note: all application materials must be in hand by the appropriate application deadline

Credit Hours: 15-18 semester hours


Located in Manchester, England—the “Second City” of the UK, noted especially for its vibrant art and music scenes, as well as a center of economic and trade innovation—the University of Manchester is one of the foremost academic institutions in Great Britain. 

Internationally renowned for its research and teaching excellence, the university offers a wide selection of undergraduate programs, including Biology, English, Art History, Politics, and Music. Through CCSA, students may apply to enroll as full-time visiting students for the fall and/or spring semester programs at the University of Manchester. 

Program participants must enroll for a full-time load per semester (50-60 UK credits translating to 15-18 US semester hours). CCSA students are assigned advisors (University of Manchester faculty members) who are available to offer advice and help on their study program and any other problem, whether academic or non-academic. 

For detailed information regarding fields of study, classes available and credit hour equivalencies, please consult the following link:

A special feature of a semester at the University of Manchester is the option to apply to its Service and Leadership certificate program, which engages students directly with the community. For information on this opportunity (through which students can earn up to 3 semester hours/10 UK units of academic credit per term), as well as for a link to the additional application students must complete to apply to this program, please consult the following link:

Within six weeks of completion of their study program, the University of Manchester will provide for each CCSA student an official University of Manchester academic transcript and supporting documentation. 

Please carefully read Program Details for additional information pertinent to all CCSA programs.


The admission requirements for the Semester in England Program are as follows:
    1. Sophomore standing or above at time of application.
    2. A minimum grade-point average of 3.0 overall.


2012 Spring dates:
Sun 22 Jan: check in at university residences
Mon 23 Jan – Tues 24 Jan: orientation
Mon 30 Jan: classes begin
Fri 23 March: last day of classes
Sat 24 March – Sun 15 April – Easter Break
Mon 16 April – Fri 8 June: end of term assessment (classes are still taught in the first 2-3 weeks of this period)

2012 Fall dates:
Thurs 13 Sept: check in at university residences
Mon 17 Sept – Fri 21 Sept: orientation
Mon 24 Sept: classes begin
Fri 14 Dec: last day of classes
Sat 15 Dec – Sun 13 Jan: Christmas Break
Mon 14 Jan – Sun 27 Jan: end of term assessment*

*Students participating through CCSA on the Manchester Fall Semester must ensure the courses they study are eligible for alternative assessment before the winter break in order to return to their home institution before the end of January, for spring semester. (A Fall Assessment Approval Form is included within the application packet.)


Each participant will be provided a standard single study bedroom in university residences (presently Whitworth Park). 
Additional rooming options may be available at student’s expense.


The cost of the semester at Manchester $11,995 for Spring, and $12,695 for Fall.
This includes health insurance, tuition at the University of Manchester and standard single room accommodations. Airfare is NOT included; each participant must arrange his/her own air transportation and airport transfers (note that the University offers a bookable airport collection service immediately prior to orientation in September only).

Not included are meals, books, laundry and personal necessities. A minimum of $3500 for Spring and $2500 for Fall should be budgeted to cover these costs. Participants should also budget additional funds for items such as souvenirs and independent travel, based upon their individual spending habits. Note: the costs associated with the spring semester at University of Manchester are higher because of the longer program length due to an extended midterm break.

All prices quoted are subject to increase in the event of unanticipated changes in program costs or monetary exchange rates. In some cases, program items may be deleted in lieu of a price increase.

Payment Schedule and Deadline

2012 Manchester Spring: $11,995
Deposit of $300 is due October 7, 2011.
The first payment of $5700 (in addition to the $300 deposit) is due October 28, 2011.
The final payment of $5995 is due by December 2, 2011.

2012 Manchester Fall: $12,695
Deposit of $300 is due May 4, 2012
The first payment of $6000 (in addition to the $300 deposit) is due June 22, 2012.
The final payment of $6395 is due by August 3, 2012. 

Please familiarize yourself with the Cancellation Policy.

Checks should be made payable to “CCSA.” Please consider your cancelled check as receipt for payment. Returned checks will incur a $20 penalty fee. CCSA also accepts Visa and MasterCard. 

Please see the Payment page on the website.

What is Included in the Price of the Semester in England: University of Manchester?

  • pre-departure orientation
  • housing
  • on-site orientation
  • health insurance
  • on-site administrative support