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Internships in Sydney 


COST: $5895


June 4 – August 11, 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Final confirmation of admission to the program will not occur until March 31 or shortly thereafter. Subsequently, determination of internship placement won’t be available until after that date.

Program Overview 

The internship, which is a supervised unpaid work placement, allows students to gain experience in business, industry, social or governmental agencies, theatres, museums or other work environments in a different work culture. Individuals possessing relevant practical experience must commit to a full-time internship for 9 weeks as determined by the placement site. Students will spend approximately 4 days (approximately 30 hours) per week at the internship placement. 

Academic credit for internships must be arranged at the student’s home institution; therefore, the student must meet his/her school’s requirements for internship credit. 

Please carefully read Program Details for additional information pertinent to all CCSA programs. 

Application Requirements  

The application requirements for the Internship Program are as follows: 

1. Minimum age of 18 at time of application. 

2. Sophomore standing or above at time of application. 

3. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 overall (unofficial college transcript required) at time of application. 

4. The program is open only to students seeking academic credit for the internship. 

Following receipt of the CCSA application form, additional documents will be requested. Detailed instructions pertaining to these items will be shared in an acknowledgment email. 

Locating Internship Sites 

Macquarie University (CCSA’S Sydney representative) will attempt to tailor each internship to meet the needs of the student (based upon his/her academic background, previous work experience and relevant interests), to the best of our ability and in light of the current circumstances within the intern’s requested field(s). Once the application has been received and approved by CCSA, students will be contacted by Macquarie University for an assessment interview. After this has taken place, companies/organizations that the on-site Internship Advisor feels will match the student’s interests and skills will be contacted and be given the candidate’s resume to consider. 

While every attempt is made to secure a placement within an area specified by the student, there is no guarantee that a placement will be found that exactly meets expectations. The student may be placed in an alternate, but related area. 


An orientation will be provided within the first week; subjects covered will include general program information, assessment information, professionalism, dress code and Australian workplace culture. Students may need to attend an interview at their placement organization during orientation week. 

Passport and Visa Information

The Australian government requires that non-Australian citizens acquire visitor visas for participation in academic internship programs. Additional information will be provided to you once your application is approved. The visa processing fee (approximately $20) is not included in the CCSA program cost. Please note that immigration information is continually changing, and Macquarie University and/or CCSA will be sharing up to date information as it becomes available. Please refer to the Passport/Visa section for additional information. 


During periodic meetings, students will have the opportunity to discuss any area of their internship with the Internship Advisor. Students are also encouraged to arrange an appointment to discuss with the Internship Advisor any program-related issues. 

Students will receive an official Macquarie University letter at the completion of their internship. This includes an evaluation from their Workplace Supervisor, which can be used as a reference. 

Program Cost

The cost of the Internship in Sydney Program is $5895 for Summer 2012. 

This includes the intern placement fee, 10 weeks accommodation, health insurance, arrival airport transfer, orientation city tour of Sydney, two professional development seminars, two Sydney cultural activities, an out-of-Sydney tour and a farewell lunch. Interns are housed (two to three per room) in furnished student apartments or university housing with shared studio space (lounge and kitchenette).
Visa processing fees, local transportation, and airfare are NOT included. Each participant must arrange his/her own air transportation.
Visa processing fees, local transportation, and airfare are NOT included. Each participant must arrange his/her own air transportation.

A minimum of $1600 should be budgeted for living expenses. Participants should also budget additional funds for personal expenses such as souvenirs and independent travel, based upon their individual spending habits.

All costs are subject to change in the event of unanticipated increases in monetary exchange rates or other changes in program costs. In some cases, program items may be deleted in lieu of a price increase.

Payment Schedule & Deadlines 

A $300 deposit is due at the time of application.

A first payment of $2600 (in addition to the $300 deposit) is due by the application deadline date, February 24, 2012.

The final payment of $2995 is due by April 20, 2012.

Please familiarize yourself with the Cancellation Policy.

Checks should be made payable to “CCSA.” Please consider your cancelled check as receipt for payment. Returned checks will incur a $20 penalty fee.

What is Included in the Cost of the Internship:

  • transport from airport 
  • pre-departure orientation 
  • internship placement fee 
  • housing 
  • health insurance 
  • on-site orientation 
  • orientation city tour 
  • 2 professional development workshops 
  • 2 cultural activities 
  • out-of-Sydney tour 
  • farewell lunch 
  • on-site administrative support