Discipline Plan

Mrs. Bozett’s Assertive Discipline Plan

Classroom rules

1.   Follow all directions- listen carefully.

2.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

3.  Before speaking, raise your hand and wait to be called on.

4.  Do not leave the room without permission.

5.  No swearing, teasing, or name calling.

 Classroom Clip Chart

Parents, I am now using a classroom management system called the clip chart in which student choices are tracked. All students begin the day on green in middle of the chart. Clothespins are moved up (to blue, purple, or pink) or down (to yellow, orange, or red) depending on choices. Clips that are moved down may be moved back up if the teacher sees the student making improved choices. In addition, once a clip is moved up, it may be moved down. Students only move their clip up or down 1 level at a time. All clothespins are moved back to green at the end of the day.

Role Model - If students move their clip to role model they add a special decoration to their clip and receive a piece of candy and a coin. Their name also goes into a drawing for student of the month. This level is reserved for extraordinary behavior, and will not be given out loosely. I want this to remain special; please don’t expect your student to reach this level daily.

Outstanding -  Students move to Outstanding! for continuing to make good choices throughout the day. Please congratulate your student when they reach this level! They will earn a coin and a piece of candy at the end of the day.

Good Day - Students move to Good Day for making good choices, trying their best, and showing good character. Students ending the day here earn a piece of candy

Ready To Learn - All students begin the day on Ready To Learn. They will move up or down during the day depending on the choices they make. This is an acceptable level to stay at. They did not get in trouble; it just means they didn’t go “above and beyond.”

Think About it- Students move to Think About it as a reminder that they need to follow the classroom rules. No consequence is given.

Teacher’s Choice - When students move to Teacher’s Choice the teacher will choose an appropriate consequence. It could be taking a time out, loss of recess time, loss of privileges, sitting alone at lunch, whatever is logical for the misbehavior and meaningful to the student.

Parent Contact - Students who moves to Parent Contact will have a note home at the end of the day.  The student may also lose recess time or other privileges. Students who continue to misbehave at this level may also make a trip to the office.

1.   Role Model- pink

2.   Outstanding!- purple

3.   Good Day - blue

4.   Ready to Learn- green

5.   Think About It- yellow

6.   Teacher’s Choice- orange

7.   Parent Contact- red