Kindergarten Discipline Plan

If your child is disrupting the class or activity, your child may be removed from the situation and have to sit away from the group. He/she may be required to complete extra work. If the situation is not corrected, your child may lose snack, other treats, or prizes. Later in the year, your child may be asked to write sentences or reflect on his/her behavior.

We use bears to show how your child is doing each day. Each day your child will start on Green Bear, because we hope for a great day. As rules are broken, your child will receive the following punishments at school.

Green Bear = Great

No Rules Broken – Great Job

Yellow Bear = Warning

1 Rule Broken
No lost recess

Red 5 Minute Bear

2 Rules Broken
Lose 5 Minutes of Recess

Red 10 Minute Bear

3 Rules Broken
Lose 10 Minutes of Recess

Orange Bear

4 Rules Broken
Lose all recesses and get a Discipline Note sent home

Black Bear

5 or More Rules Broken or the child Hit/Kicked/Threatened/Etc. another child or the child committed a Serious Offense
The child will visit Mr. Branon to discuss the problem, lose all recesses, and get a Discipline Note sent home.

Our school holds Good Conduct parties at the end of each quarter.

If your child receives an after school detention or receives three orange or black bears in one quarter, he/she is not eligible for the Good Conduct party.

In addition, our school has an End of the Year Good Conduct party. Your child needs to have been eligible for at least 2 of the quarter Good Conduct parties to attend that party.

Debra Lankford,
Aug 15, 2018, 12:23 PM