Library Catalog

Library Catalog,  or Destiny, they all mean the same thing!
You can look for a book several ways:

In the search window type in the title of the book:

Dinosaurs Before Dark, press enter


In the search window, type in the authors last name, first name:

Osborne, Mary Pope, press enter


In the search window, type in the subject you are interested in:

Dinosaurs, press enter

 Keyword  In the search window, type in  the word you are searching for:
press enter

In the search window, type in the full name of the series:

Magic Tree House, press enter

  • check your spelling
  • remember, last name first
  • include punctuation
  • you do not need to capitalize
  • you do not need to type the words A, An, The at the beginning of the title
  • try to think of another word that means the same as what you are looking for: dog or canine or Irish Setter
A call number on a book has 2 lines; the first line tells you what type of book it is, Fiction or NonFiction. The second line helps you find it on the shelf. Remember books in the shelves are arranged in ABC order,by author's last name.  Look at the label on the shelf to find the letter of the alphabet you are looking for.

A call number for a non fiction book may look like this:

 A call number for a fiction book may look like this:



 Looking for a book?
The library catalog  can help; click here to go to the catalog. CLICK ON " CATALOG " then, choose "DESTINY DISCOVER."  All the information you see
at school you can also see here.

  • Does Yowell own the book you are looking for?
  • What is the reading level of the book?
  • Is the book available?
  • If the book is checked out, when will it return?
  • Does the Library have any books by your favorite authors?
  • What is the next title in a series you like to read?

  • A call number helps you find a book in the library. Here are the call numbers you will find in the Yowell Library and what each one means. Don't forget you can't check out PROF or REF books.









    Graphic Novel


    Multi- Cultural 


     Non Fiction

     Leveled Readers