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4 or More

 Use the brochures and response forms on this page for your reading activities.
Do you need some extra points to boost your grade in a particular subject?  If so, ask your teacher if you may read curriculum-related books and complete the 4 or More Response Guide for that subject area for extra points on your grade.  This activity should be completed during weeks 1-7 of the quarter and returned to your teacher promptly.  This may also qualify you for the quarterly Literacy Celebrations if you complete 4 or more books each nine weeks.  Use the links to access the response guides and brochures suggesting titles for each subject area.  Print copies of response guides and brochures are available in the Media Center.  Of course, many more titles are available; just ask the media specialist for help locating additional material.  You may type your responses in the PDF response guides.  Enjoy reading and earning a few extra points.  See you in The Learning Oasis.
    Brochures:  US History                War Stories
    Brochure:  Global Mosaic

Science Response Guide                   Math Response Guide
    Brochure:  Science/Math Pathfinder
    Brochure:   Engineering Pathfinder

    Brochure:  High School Stories  
                     Obtain teacher approval for additional titles.
                      Dystopian Fiction

Art Response Guide                        Music Response Guide
    Brochure:  Fine Arts Pathfinder
    Brochure:  Sports
    Brochure:  Business/Marketing Pathfinder