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The mission of Bettie Weaver Elementary School is to establish and uphold high academic standards in a safe learning environment where all students reach their potential, become life-long learners, and become productive, caring citizens. The mission will be achieved through a partnership composed of staff, students, parents, and members of the school community working together to provide a challenging educational program while promoting respect, integrity, responsibility, and a positive attitude.

Our kindergarten program provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum to help each child develop their own social, emotional, and academic needs.

We follow a balanced literacy model that supports a strong phonetic background with a rich literature base. Using thematic units, new learning is integrated throughout the day to teach, math, science and social studies concepts. A hands-on approach is used within individual, small and whole group instruction. Using diverse teaching strategies, our teachers foster independence in each child and help them gain necessary skills for real world success.

Curriculum Overview