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4th Grade

The mission of Bettie Weaver Elementary School is to establish and uphold high academic standards in a safe learning environment where all students reach their potential, become life-long learners, and become productive, caring citizens. The mission will be achieved through a partnership composed of staff, students, parents, and members of the school community working together to provide a challenging educational program while promoting respect, integrity,
responsibility, and a positive attitude.

Fourth grade is an important transitional year for students. They will sharpen and refine the many concepts introduced in the primary grades. Students are expected to assume more independence and responsibility for their own learning. They will develop work habits and study skills that will enable them to ask questions and seek help from teachers, organize self, materials, and notes from school to home and back smoothly, and work both independently and with cooperative groups effectively and resourcefully.

PBL Project - Our fourth graders are embarking on a very exciting project. Project Based Learning, or PBL, is a student-centered teaching method in which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving a problem. They are using critical thinking skills as well as hands-on activities centered on the investigation of an “authentic” problem. Students are working in teams as the teacher serves as the facilitator.The project entitled Virginia’s Historical Figures will last about five weeks. The focus of our project will be the driving question, “How can we teach others about historical Virginians?” Students are involved in online research and preparing a presentation of their choice.  Some presentation options include creating a television commercial, reenactment, a slide-show, or an interview.