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2nd Grade

The mission of Bettie Weaver Elementary School is to establish and uphold high academic standards in a safe learning environment where all students reach their potential, become life-long learners, and become productive, caring citizens. The mission will be achieved through a partnership composed of staff, students, parents, and members of the school community working together to provide a challenging educational program while promoting respect, integrity, responsibility, and a positive attitude.

Bettie Weaver’s second grade program enhances and builds upon the basic reading, writing and math skills that were acquired in first grade.  The second grade teachers emphasize comprehension keys, decoding strategies and fluency with our students through the balanced literacy model.  We strive for students to progress through the levels of reading at a pace that is comfortable for each individual.  Hopefully, students will read effortlessly at their individual level preparing them to move to more difficult texts.


In the area of writing, we continue to develop the understanding of punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, word study and other grammar skills. The second grade teachers foster a desire for students to become better creative writers as they learn to write more meaningful sentences, short narratives, and even stories.  We also encourage students to experiment with voice and word choice, as they observe through the exposure to a wide variety of literature.  Second grade students are expected to progress to writing on lined notebook paper as their handwriting becomes smaller, more controlled and defined.   In the second semester, cursive handwriting is introduced.  


Mathematics concepts become more complex in second grade.  The students will practice skip counting concepts and learn to recognize patterns in numbers.  Basic knowledge of money, telling time, geometry, fractions, and place value patterns will become more advanced in scope and with application of problem solving concepts. 


In science and social studies the children will explore the world around them as they learn about citizenship, world maps, other cultures (ancient and modern), people who contributed to their world, weather, and life cycles.