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2nd Grade

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Bettie Weaver Elementary

The Force is strong in Second Grade this year as

Master Heisler, Master Goff, Master Gooss, Master Morris, Master Daugherty and Master Blackwell

are teaching our new apprentice.

They have become Jedi Masters of Matter, Native Americans, and

the Changes in their Communities.

They have found their Place Value in the Jedi Academy

and have learned the Patterns of the Force.

Our Second Grade Jedi Apprentices will be learning about

the ways of the Force in China & Egypt.

We continue to train them to become Jedi Masters by teaching

them the importance of Money & Time.

The Force is all around us.

It is in our Weather, Life Cycles, & Natural Resources.

We continue to battle the Empire by enriching our

Apprentice with Language & Writing skills

that they will need to read the ancient texts.

There is a large Fraction of our Apprentice that

will become Jedi Masters.

The Probability of making it to that level is very high.

We continue to Measure their abilities and

teach them kindness through PBL and how they

can Contribute to the world with Service Learning

so they may one day fight the Sith.

As always, May the Force be with them

as they continue on their path.