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Visual Arts in Kindergarten serves as a building block for further visual arts instruction.  Students learn that art is a personal experience and expression of who they are as individuals.  Students grow to understand that their artwork is unique and valuable.


portrait; self-portrait; artist; color; clay; draw; drawing; line; paint; painter; painting; direction; shape; size; texture


First Grade 


Visual Arts in First Grade stresses the importance of individual ideas. Artwork focuses on communication, self-expression, and depiction of stories and events.  Students learn we all have different opinions and responses to visual stimuli such as paintings, sculptures, and drawings.


sculptor; sculpture; illustrator; illustrate; clay; collage; color; line; kiln; texture; forms; symmetrical; overlapping

Second Grade 

Visual Arts in Second Grade challenges students to pull from personal experiences, their school, their communities, their environment, and art of other cultures. Increasing use of art mediums and techniques are explored.
printmaker; photographer; medium/media; still-life; mural; shape; intermediate colors; two-dimensional; perspective; foreground/middle ground/background; horizon line; symbol; pattern

Third Grade

Visual Arts in Third Grade introduces students to the process of making art.  Process includes ideas, problem solving and self-assessment.  Ancient cultures are investigated through their art and architecture which reveals how a variety of ideas and skills are needed to produce artwork.


architect/architecture; artifact; printing plate; asymmetrical; neutral colors; cool and warm colors; repetition; proportion; subject matter; positive/negative space; three-dimensional


Fourth Grade                                                                                                                                                         

Visual Arts in the Fourth Grade emphasizes the elements of art and principles of design.  History and art join together to enlighten students to events and environment in Virginia from colonial times to the present.


visual artist; genre, contour line; value; tint; shade; monochromatic; radial pattern; realistic; abstract; picture plane


Fifth Grade 


Visual Arts in the Fifth Grade asks students to produce and respond to works of art.  The concept of critiquing art is explored as to how personal values and beliefs impact an artist’s work.  Students are pushed to find their own artistic expression and communicating this expression to the art viewer.                                                                                                                                                                                                           


textile/ fiber artist; artistic intent; originality; complementary colors; analogous colors; loom; sculpture-in-the-round; (bas) relief sculpture; glaze; focal point

Picture of Mrs. Winslow Hobbie

Mrs. Wendi Hobbie