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Student Support Services

School Social Worker
The role of the school social worker is defined by Chesterfield County Public Schools as providing the following services:
Serves as a school-home liaison.
Serves as a member of school based multidisciplinary teams.
Provides socio-cultural assessment in accordance with special education policy.
Provides individual or group counseling services for students with social and/or emotional needs.
Provides contacts for community resources to families in need.
Works with families to establish consistent school attendance.
Provides assessment of children’s adaptive functioning through classroom observations and standardized instruments.
Acts as a consultant to school personnel regarding abuse and neglect cases upon request.
Provides crisis and short-term intervention services.
Coordinates and consults with school personnel and community agencies.

For more information: CCPS - School Social Worker Services

School Psychologist
School psychologists are mental health professionals who are trained in both psychology and education. They support the development of learning and behavior to help students succeed academically, socially and emotionally. School psychologists use a collaborative, problem-solving approach to help bring about positive changes in learning environment, attitude and motivation of students.

For more information: CCPS - School Psychological Services