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STEAM Resource

Welcome to Winterpock Elementary STEAM Lab!                         Link to the STEAM Lab Website

We are so excited to begin STEAM resource this year. Each week all students kindergarten through
STEAM Teachers
fifth grade will come to the STEAM lab for 45 minutes. 
We will be incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math curriculum while using PBL strategies to provide engaging and authentic learning experiences for our students. It is our goal to help develop students that are creative, think critically, communicate, collaborate and display positive citizenship. Each month we will add a new phrase to our "change your words, change your mindset" board as well as posting it to our STEAM site to help us grow as learners and promote a "growth mindset!" Please check our site often to view student projects and pictures. Follow us on twitter @laura_prymak or #WPESSTEAM. If you would like to experience the fun please consider volunteering in our labs. Thank you so much for your suppoSTEAM Lab Photort! We are looking forward to an amazing year.