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3rd Grade CBG

Just as in any third grade class, our third grade CBG classes focus on change. It begins that very first day when many students have made a change from their home school to attend Winterpock. We learn about the past of ancient civilizations and cultures, and we see how they have impacted our present day lives. We look at literature from the time of the Greeks and see that it can still be exciting to read during our modern, changing time of technology.

Language Arts/Literacy

Our third graders often love to read and are ready for new challenges. Many historical and realistic fictions novels are used to integrate our reading with topics in social studies, and we’ll explore the genres of myths, fantasy, and mystery. As these books are read we practice the skills of predicting, inferring, questioning, and summarizing. Students are ready to write with more detail and description and will write personal narratives, persuasive and descriptive paragraphs, and reports.


Math is a busy time in third grade and most students are excited to finally be learning to multiply and divide.
We’ll work with place value to the millions, fractions and decimals, create graphs from real world situations, and we will expand the understanding of geometry in our world.


Observing and thinking like a scientist is the focus of all of our investigations in science. Many labs are done to help to better understand matter and simple machines. We’ll take a space journey as we study the relationships between the sun, Earth, and moon, and we’ll help to solve a pond owner’s problem by making inferences from clues on his property.

Social Studies

Third grade social studies lessons often move back in time to study the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Mali. We will see how the people of these lands adapted to their environments and will become aware of the contributions they made to our present day lives. Learning about explorers is done through a a sailing adventure to the New World. In order to be a good citizen, individuals must understand how our government began and what our responsibilities as citizens are. Economics, our way of producing and consuming goods and services, is also important knowledge for each child to understand, and we will do that by creating our own Mini Economy.