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On Behalf of CCPS: Military Service/Impact Aid Survey

posted Sep 13, 2017, 2:16 AM by Laura Prymak
Team Chesterfield,

To continue to support classroom teachers and students in their joint pursuit of academic excellence, Chesterfield County Public Schools continues to pursue a variety of potential funding sources support our work. You can help us by filling out this survey, which is part of an annual process to receive federal Impact Aid.

Impact Aid is a national funding program designed to help local school divisions deal with federal regulations: for example, localities that lose property tax revenue from tax-exempt federal property. Impact Aid is part of CCPS’s general operating budget and supports instruction for all students. 

All parents are asked to complete this survey. Even if you are not in the military or not employed on federal property, please check the applicable boxes and return the survey by Sept. 15. All information will be confidential.

Please note that not all federal employees work on property that is owned by the federal government (for example, post offices are not federal property). A short list of nearby federal facilities is shown on the survey. If you work at a federal site not listed or if you are not sure whether your place of employment is on federal property, please give the name and full address of your employer.

Thank you for your continuing support of Chesterfield County Public Schools.