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About Us

Welcome to Winterpock Elementary School!

School Colors: Light blue, dark blue & silver
School Mascot: Wolves
Enrollment: 801
Established: 2008

We are not the first Winterpock School, but we will strive to be the best! Historical data records limited information about a Winterpock School in 1948.

Our first school year began in August of 2007 when we moved into Spring Run Elementary because Winterpock was not ready. We shared the building with Spring Run until construction of the new building was completed. On March 4, 2008, 534 students and 60 staff members moved into the new building located at 9000 Elementary Way Loop in the Hampton Park/Harper's Mill Development.

In September 2009, the Center Based Gifted Program moved to Winterpock from Grange Hall Elementary School. This program included 10 teachers and 212 students, along with an itinerant position for World Language Studies. We celebrated our 1st birthday with cake for everyone!

We developed a slogan our first year together that has stayed with us and continues to show how we feel about our school, staff, students, parents and community.

Be strong, stick together,
We are all a part of the Winterpock Wolfpack!

And remember...
The Pack's got your back!!!