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Student Support Services

School Psychologist


School psychologists are mental health professionals who help children and adolescents overcome barriers in school, at home, and in life to enable them to be successful academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.  We collaborate with school staff, parents, and other professionals to develop strategies that enhance learning environments and promote success for all students.  We provide a range of services, such as conducting formal evaluation to determine a student's eligibility for special education services, recommending intervention strategies to assist in remediating the identified problems, providing assistance for students and schools when they are in crisis, and direct training to assist with the development of essential life skills.


Kathryn Kline 


Phone:  (804) 768-6265


CCPS - School Psychological Services




School Social Worker


School Social Workers identify and intervene in problems that interfere with a student’s education. They are trained to deal with difficulties such as developmental and learning disabilities; parenting education; family and marital stress; school age pregnancy; absenteeism; substance abuse; crisis management and suicide prevention. The coordination of resources between home, school, and community is a unique service provided by School Social Workers. Resources that School Social Workers frequently connect individuals with are: parenting classes; mental health services; resources for food and clothing; tutorial services and other educational support.


CCPS - School Social Worker Services