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Welcome to the music room!  Here all children will be involved in many varied and creative musical experiences.  Each visit to the music room will be filled with listening, singing, moving, and instrumental playing experiences.  All these processes will enable our children to grow and develop into well rounded individuals.  Hopefully, they will have an enhanced understanding of themselves and other peoples of our world.


Each class at C.C.Wells Elementary will have a 45 minute music instruction time each week.  In the upper grades recorder and guitar will be taught.  Most of each class will be taught using whole group instructional techniques with ample opportunities for individualized turns.  All learning and skill development will be taught in a sequential child oriented way.  Much game play will be included.  Musical games always seek to prepare or practice a music skill content area which will enhance the child's ability to move to, read, and write music.  My goal is to broaden their understanding so that they will have a life-long love for all styles of music.


A specific list of Chesterfield County's integrated sequence of musical concepts and skill areas is available upon request.  The music program here at C.C. Wells Elementary will be integrated into the thematic units of each grade level whenever possible and appropriate to music instruction.  Music instruction will also support the classroom with blended learning and the frequent use of technology.  This is an exciting way to enrich children's lives and make learning more complete and meaningful.  Truly, MUSIC MAKES A DIFFERENCE!


Lisa Coffey