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4th Grade








Word Study

  • Systematic, interactive approach to learning phonics and spelling through comparing and contrasting known features
  • Will pre-assessed students to determine existing word knowledge
  • Instruction is explicit, sequenced, and incremental
  • Students move through developmental stages as their knowledge of words deepens


  • Demonstrate comprehension of fiction and nonfiction text
  • Read with fluency, accuracy and expression
  • Demonstrate comprehension using the natural strategies of clarifying, making connections, visualizing, questioning, predicting, drawing inferences, determining importance, synthesizing, and summarizing



  • Write daily for a variety of purposes
  • Use writing workshop traits use ideas, voice, conventions, sentence fluency, organization, and word choice
  • Write Narrative, Descriptive, and Expository (research report) style paragraphs



  • Provides students opportunities to engage in experiences involving problem solving, data collection and analysis, and algebraic thinking
  • Concepts to master are double-digit multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and geometry



    • Use information, analyze data and validate experimental results by creating simple predictions, questioning and hypothesizing at a more rigorous level
    • Master principles of electricity, concepts of motion, basic information on solar systems, plant anatomy and adaptations, weather phenomena
    • Investigate relationships between plants and animals and their environments


        Virginia Studies

        • Study the state of Virginia beginning with the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown to the end of the Twentieth Century
        • Explore how the geography of Virginia and the state’s resources, its economic systems, and cultural makeup have influenced Virginia history from pre-colonial times to the end the Twentieth Century
        • Read and write about famous Virginians and studying important historical documents and events that have influenced Virginia history
        • Prepare students to develop problem solving and decision making skills