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The general music curriculum at Watkins is taught sequentially through a variety of internationally proven methods involving singing, classroom instruments, movement activities, student collaboration, and 21st century technology. Beginning with imitating the fundamental beat and two-pitch songs, the students progress through increasingly more complex rhythms, melodic phrases, and general knowledge until they are able to apply key components of their learning to real-world experiences in music class and at home. This process begins in kindergarten and continues through the fifth grade. Our primary guide for planning music lessons is the Virginia Standards of Learning for music K – 5, but we also refer to the Chesterfield County Performing Arts CPR’s which can be viewed on the Chesterfield County Public Schools website, and other online resources.

The students will typically be engaged in movement activities during part of their music classes, so please remember to have your child wear clothing and shoes appropriate for jumping, skipping, hopping, etc., and sitting on the floor. Although we don’t usually assign homework assignments, some students will be asked to practice program material and recorder lessons at home for short periods of time. We’ll also encourage students to continue learning independently at home and in the community by participating in after-school music enrichment classes, talent shows, private lessons, and by attending concerts, listening to a wide variety of music styles, and exploring interactive music websites for fun.

We strongly believe that music education is whole education and plays a vital role in developing many of the skills necessary for today’s workplaces and global economy. Feel free to visit your child’s music class at any time to see the wonderful things we’re doing at Watkins!