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School Counseling

Thomas Dale High School

The Mission

The mission of the CCPS Professional School Counseling Program is to empower all students to become productive and contributing members of society.  In partnership with families, staff, and the community, school counselors provide a developmental program that addresses students’ academic, emotional/social and career development needs.

School Counseling Services at Dale

The following school counseling services are available to all Thomas Dale High School students:

  • Academic counseling which assist students and their parents in acquiring knowledge of the        curricula choices available to students, planning a program of studies, arranging and                   interpreting academic testing, and seeking post-secondary academic opportunities.
  • Career counseling which help students acquire information and plan actions about work,             apprenticeships, and post-secondary educational career opportunities.
  • Personal/social counseling which assist students in developing an understanding of                      themselves, resolving conflict and defining individual goals that reflect their interest, abilities and aptitudes.
  • Parents may choose to opt their child out of any or all counseling services by sending a letter     to the school principal.
  • Parents may review any or all materials used in the school counseling program by making an     appointment with the School Counseling Coordinator.
  • Small group counseling or on-going, structured counseling of a personal/social nature requires   written parental permission.

Ongoing Counseling Activities

Schedule Adjustments (Level change, etc…)
Enroll New Students
Enter Academic History
Department Meetings (1 - 2 meetings/month)
Individual Counseling
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Attendance Meetings
Follow-up with At-risk-students
Child Study/IEP Meetings
Critical Incidents Team
Risk Assessments
Career Domain Processes
Golden Opportunities
College Representative Visits
Senior Failure Parent Contact


Counselor Retreat
Schedule Conflicts
Perform Credit Checks
Balance Classes
Fee Night


Balance Classes
Adjust senior watch-list student schedules (Extra-help classes)
Freshmen Orientation
New Student Orientation
Senior classroom guidance
Senior/parent information session
Resolution of no shows
Determine SMART goals
ACT Administration


College applications
PSAT Administration
Freshmen meet & greet
SAT / ACT Administrations


Summer Regional Governor’s School
VA Wizard- Freshmen & Sophomores
College & Career Readiness Month
College applications
Generate/Mail senior failure letters
SAT Administration


PSAT Interpretation
College applications
SAT / ACT Administrations


College applications
CTC Visits
Middle School program planning visits
Grade Level program planning information sessions
Course/Level Recommendations
Scheduling Information Night
Assist with SOL Reading Test
Generate/Mail senior failure letters
SAT Administration


Boys/Girls State
College applications
Opportunities Day
Program Planning
ACT Administration


Junior Symposium
Assist with SOL Writing Test
Program Planning
SAT Administration


Complete Program Planning (send list of requested courses home to parent/guardian for final review)


Program Planning (make adjustments based upon recommendation change from teachers)
Deadline for provisional waivers
AP Test Administration
Community Awards (Seniors)
Senior Academic Awards
Junior Awards
Freshman/Sophomore Awards
Assist with SOLs
SAT Administration


Program Planning
Failures (course adjustments)
Summer School
End-of-year processes
SAT / ACT Administrations

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