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Health & Physical Education

Course Offerings :

Health and PE 9 -In grade nine, students integrate a variety of health concepts, skills, and behaviors to plan for their personal health goals. These include prevention of disease and chemical addiction for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Students demonstrate confidence in their knowledge and skills. They see themselves as having a role in creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves as individuals, for their families, and for the larger community. Students engage in promoting health in their community. 

Health/Driver Education and PE 10 - Students in grade 10 demonstrate comprehensive health and wellness knowledge and skills. Their behaviors reflect a conceptual understanding of the issues associated with maintaining good personal health. They serve the community through the practice of health-enhancing behaviors that promote wellness throughout life. The goal of driver education is to transfer traffic safety knowledge and skills into injury prevention behaviors. 

Fit for Life - This course provides an opportunity for students to experience lifetime activities that promote the concept of fitness for life. Instructional units focus on basic conditioning, weight training, proper nutrition, and the appraisal of individual fitness l
evels. The ultimate goal of this program is to empower students to understand that total fitness is an individual responsibility. 

Advanced PE - Advanced physical education provides students with the opportunity to participate in physical activities as an elective throughout the entire school year. This class is designed for students to improve fitness, strength, develop an aptitude in a variety of team and individual sports, and work on teamwork.