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The mission of the Thomas Dale High School mathematics department is to provide students with a solid understanding of the major concepts of mathematics, an appreciation for the structures and theories of mathematics, and an ability to apply mathematics to real-world situations.

The Math Department strives to develop students who have the knowledge, comprehension, and creativity to practice mathematics to be successful in the 21st Century. Resultantly, we foster our students’ abilities to utilize intellectual curiosity to solve rigorous problems, to communicate mathematically in both verbal and written forms, and to solve multi-step problems both with and without the aid of handheld technology, so that they will become productive citizens with the capacity to compete successfully in our global economy

Math Department Course Offerings:
  • Algebra 1 part 1/part 2
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry part 1
  • Geometry part 1/part 2
  • Geometry
  • AFDA
  • Algebra 2
  • Trig. Advanced Algebra
  • Trig. Analysis
  • Probability and Statistics
  • High School Calculus
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Statistics
  • Capstone
  • Computer Math
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Java Computer Programming
  • SAT Math
The Math Department has one club:

Virginia Math League
Students meet once a month from October to March to compete against schools from all over the state of Virginia. Each students is given 6 challenging Math questions to try to answer.  The top scores are submitted to the Virginia Math League. The meeting lasts for 30 minutes after school on competition days.  All Thomas Dale students are welcome to attend.

List of Math Faculty Members

Faculty Name

 Faculty E-Mail

 Subject Taught

 Cabell Bailey 


Geometry Part 1 & 2, Trig Advanced Algebra, Trig Analysis

 Clay Bennett


AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and Algebra 2

 Amanda Booth


Algebra 1 Part 1/Part 2 and Geometry

 Monika Davis


 Algebra 2 and Probability Stats

 Susan Ellis


 Algebra 1 & AFDA

 German Garavito


 AFDA and Algebra 2

 Kim Gordon


 Algebra 1, Algebra 1 Part 1/Part 2, AFDA

 Kirk Jennings


 Algebra 1 Part 1/Part 2 and Geometry

 Jeff Kriebel


 Capstone, Geometry and Geometry Part 1

 Douglas Fordham


 Geometry and Geometry Part 1

Candance Maclauchlan


 Geometry and Geometry Part 1

 Stephanie Miller


 Geometry and Trig Analysis

 Janet Newcomb


 Algebra 2 and Trig. Advanced Algebra

 Josie Perez


 Trig. Advanced Algebra/SAT Math and AFDA

 Jeff Lazarus


 Algebra 2/Probability and Statistics 

 Jen Ray



 Gregg Whisler


 Algebra, Tri Analysis, and Calculus

 Phil White


 Intro to Computer Programming/Algebra 2

 Rich Widmer


 Geometry/Geometry Part 1

 Dennis Zeiters



Mike Zuk


Geometry Part 1/Part 2, JAVA Computer Programming, High School Calculus

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