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Social Studies

The Social Studies Department provides curricular and instructional support as well as leadership for the administrators, teachers and students of Thomas Dale High School (TDHS). The social studies mission is to provide information and academic tools students need to become good citizens. A working knowledge of our shared history and geography and an understanding of civics and economics are essential components of social literacy. The Social Studies department offers the following courses:
  • World History I
  • World History II
  • US History
  • US Government
  • Econ and Personal Finance
  • Practical Law and Sociology
  • International Affairs
Advanced Placement Course Offerings:
  • World History
  • US History
  • US Government 
  • Psychology
  • World Geography
  • John Tyler Dual Enrollment
The Social Studies Department also offers participation in the Model United Nations program each year.

List of Social Studies Faculty Members

Faculty Name    

 Faculty E-Mail Address

 Subject Taught

 Richard (Dick) Anthony


 Success/US History

 Nathaniel Ball


 World History 1

 Megan Bryant


 Econ/Practical Law/Soc and World History 1

 Matthew Crenshaw


 World History/Economics and Personal Fianance

 Christian Davis


 US History/US Government

 Laura Deck


 US Government/AP US Government

 Dave Duncan


 World History II/AP US History/Success

 Mike Hanley


 World History I/AP World History/International Affairs

 Dennis Jones


 World History I

 Ron Kasier


 World History I/Practical Law/Soc

 Robbie Keller


 US Government/AP World Geography

 Nate Lockhart


World History 11/Practical and Soc Law

 Maureen Marshall


 World History I/US History

 Logan Mason


 US Government/Econ

 MaryBeth Moss


 US Government

 Steve Nigro


 World History II/Econ

 Ann Pace


 World History I

 Chad Seay


 AP Psychology/US Government

 Patrick Sweet



 James Thompson


 VA/US History/World History

 Mariza Vehab


 US History



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