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English Course Information

All levels of English 9, 10, 11, and 12 will offer students intensive instruction in composition, literary analysis, and rhetoric.

Student writing should build on skills developed in previous grades, becoming more competent in the writing traits and essential skills. In addition to persuasive and analytical writing, each grade will devote extensive time to developing effective research skills and proper citation skills. Teachers will use traditional essays as well as authentic assessments and digital assessments to evaluate these skills.

Students will be exposed to and encouraged to develop an appreciation and understanding of the many, varied genres of literature including both fiction and nonfiction. Students will also be encouraged to read self-selected literature to help them develop stamina and motivation to read, write, and think about a variety of texts.

Students will be prepared for college and career communication skills through experience with public speaking, active listening in small group settings, and collaboration with classmates in small-group situations.Through a comprehensive study of writing, literature, and vocabulary, students will receive  preparation for SOL’s, SAT's, ACT's, and other tests taken throughout high school.

 Faculty Name

 Faculty E-Mail

 Subject Taught

 Peter Barringer


 English 12

 Lee Bloxom


 English 9/Journalism Sponsor

 Dione Brown


 English 10/AP language and Composition

 Steve Bush


 English 12

 Barbara Cox


 English 11

 Deann Devore


 English 9

 Justin Frashure


 English 9 & 10

Brenda Gates


 John Tyler English Comp

Charles Hughes


 English 11/AP Literature &   


Robin Kiku


 English 10/Creative Writing

Scott Mcculley


 English 9

Bethany McLaughlin



Kathy Northrop


 English 10/Yearbook Sponsor

Anthony Seippel


 English 10

Jennifer Slinkard


 English 9

Sally Southall


 English 10 & 11

Cindy Waters


 English 10

Kara Watts


 English 9 & 10

Erin White


English 10 & 11

Scott Young


English 12