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Driver's Education

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How to sign up for Behind-the-Wheel: 
  • Students should sign up 3 to 4 months before the date they are eligible to receive their license.
  • Students should get as much practice in as possible before behind-the wheel training (the 45 hour driving log does not have to be completed at this time).
  • Students can sign up with Mr. Blanchard on Thursdays during enrichment in the commons near room 800. (the room located between the commons to the main gym).  Students must bring money to sign-up.  The money will be your pass to come pay for behind the wheel.  
  • Complete and bring the Behind the Wheel Enrollment form (located in the back of the student Driving manual). The form can also be picked up during sign-ups and returned to the behind the wheel instructor when the student begins behind the wheel.
  • Cost : $210.00 (Fee must be paid when signing up)
  • Students may pay with cash in the exact amount or with check/money order made payable to Thomas Dale High School.
  • Bring your learners permit.
  • Students that are moving:
    • Students need to obtain a certificate of classroom completion card (Green Card) from guidance. Teacher. They will need this card to complete Behind-the-wheel training in their new town or city. 
  • Students who took classroom from another location outside of Thomas Dale HS need to bring a classroom certificate of completion (Green Card) when they sign up.  

How to obtain a Learners Permit: 
  • Must be 15 and 6 months old to get learners.
  • When you apply for a learner's permit at DMV, you will also complete the application process for your driver's license and pay the fees for both the permit and license.
  • Furnish proof of social security, residency, and original identification document certifying name and date of birth.
  • Pass a multiple-choice sign and knowledge test. MUST answer all 10-road signs correctly prior to taking the general knowledge test. If passed, students are then required to score at least 80% on the general knowledge test.
  • Pass a vision screening.
  • Have a digitized photo taken at DMV. 
How to Obtain a Drivers License: 
  • Must be 16 and 3 months old to get license.
  • Must hold learners for 9 months.
  • 36 hours of classroom Drivers Ed (Students cannot miss more than 10 1st period classes or 5 block classes of Driver’s Ed. to meet this requirement).
  • Behind the Wheel Training (7 days of driving and observing).
  • Driving Log - 45 hours, 15 of which must be after sunset (Info. must be recorded on the official log sheet). The hours driven during behind-the-wheel training cannot be used on the driving log.
  • The 180-day provisional license (TDL-180) is valid when accompanied by a valid Virginia learners permit
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