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Specialty Center 
Coordinator: Jamie Barrack


The Thomas Dale High School Dance Program includes both the Specialty Center Dance Company and the open elective, Dance Movement.

The Specialty Center Dance Program emphasizes technique while encouraging students to grow as artists and art-makers. Course work centered in modern, ballet, choreography, improvisation, dance history, anatomy and somatics, dance production, dance critique and through a multitude of performance opportunities, students are encouraged to think critically about technique, dance making, personal aesthetic and performance, providing them with the kind of well-rounded education which prepares them for further study in college, university and conservatory programs.

Students take two dance courses every year; one major course which focuses in progressive dance content and technique, and on dance works. There are additional opportunities for arts electives in other areas of the Specialty Center, and there is also opportunity for independent study in advanced levels of dance content. Once admitted to the program, students automatically become a part of the Specialty Center Dance Company which performs in two concerts annually-the Senior Dance Concert which features the graduating class' culminating projects in choreography and production, and the Spring Dance Showcase which includes the work of students from all grade levels, faculty and guest artists. Students are also given the opportunity to perform as featured dancers in the Performing Arts Department's fall musical theater production.

Visiting teachers and choreographers are a regular part of the Specialty Center Dance Program. Past guests have included modern, ballet, contemporary and jazz choreographers and performers from New York, Rhode Island, D.C., Richmond, Texas and beyond!

Dance Movement is a Dance Department course designed for introductory to intermediate level dance students interested in a broad range of dance concepts and techniques. Incorporating elements of jazz, hip-hop and ballet along with the principles of choreography, the elements of dance and general dance history and appreciation, students work towards a culminating performance piece for the department's Spring Dance Showcase. Dance Movement encourages students to think critically about practicing, performing and observing movement and aims to provide participants with new experiences in dance.