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2018 Yearbooks are sold out.
2019 Yearbooks can be pre-ordered starting August 1st.
Two students holding up the 2017 yearbook

Preorder your 2019 yearbook starting in August!
Get the earlybird special! Books are only $50 until October 29.
Order online at yearbookordercenter.com (code 4232).
Have your student bring cash or a check to Ms. Northrop in room 205 (checks made out to Thomas Dale High School).
After 10/30, the price goes up to $60 until January and then $65 until sold out.

Senior Portraits

Candid Color will be in the auditorium on:

Monday, July 9th 8:30am-2:30pm (large aud)

Tuesday, July 10th 8:30am-2:30pm (large aud)

Wednesday, August 1st 9:00am-2:00pm (small aud)

  • To get your senior portrait (for the yearbook) taken by Candid Color, it only costs $20!  They will send us your portrait in October, so you have nothing to worry about!

  • They also offer packages that include a cap & gown pictures and casual pictures (ranging from $30-$60).

  • Bring outfit changes if you plan to purchase a premium package!

If your student takes their portrait through Candid Color, you do NOT need to turn in a photo for the yearbook. Candid Color sends us all portraits. You can go online (using the code on your proofs) to choose which shot you would like to go in the yearbook.

IF YOU USE A PRIVATE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR YOUR SENIOR PORTRAITS, you must turn in the image on a CD to Ms. Northrop in room 205 by 10/29. Do not assume your photographer will send it in for you!
IF YOU USE A PRIVATE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR YOUR SENIOR PORTRAITS, please see the portrait specifications (attached-- Rising Seniors Letter) to ensure that your student's portrait will be accepted.

Parent Pride Ads
Forms will be mailed out in September. If you turn in order information before 10/29, you will receive the earlybird discounted price. 
All parent pride ads must be turned in by December 3rd.
Please contact Ms. Northrop (KathleenR_Northrop@ccpsnet.net) or our Senior Editor (tdparentpride@gmail.com) with any questions.

Underclassmen Photos
Candid Color will be here in October to take underclass portraits. 
If you wish to order prints of your student's pictures, please have your student ask their English teacher for a form (sent home mid-September) or contact customerservice@candidcolor.net.
If a student does not take a picture, they will not be issued a school ID card.

Any questions? Contact the yearbook adviser at KathleenR_Northrop@ccpsnet.net.

Senior Portraits 2019

Rising Seniors Letter 2019