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Military Families

At Spring Run Elementary School, we take pride of and support our military families and students. We are excited to offer this page as a vault of resources for you and your student(s).

In addition to the resources provided below, SRES will have a Veterans Day Program in November with our 3rd graders and our music teacher, Ms. Serpa. We also celebrate the Month of the Military Child in April, which has previously included a “Wall of Heroes.” Our school counselors are trained on the intricacies of working with military families. They are available to parents, students, and teachers who may be in need of support in regards to working with military-connected students and families.  

If you need support for your child at school, please see the contact information below of a variety of people who would be available to help you:

School-Based Military Point of Contact

Jordan Edens, School Counselor at SRES

Email: jordan_edens@ccpsnet.net

Phone: (804) 639-6352 x 5313

CCPS Point of Contact
Dr. John Gordon, Chief of Schools

Email: john_gordon@ccpsnet.net

Phone: (804) 748-1405

Fort Lee School Liaison Officer

Chaundra Taswell

Email: chaundra.e.taswell.naf@mail.mil

Phone: (804) 765-3813

As you are planning your move to or from Chesterfield County, here are some links for information about getting your student enrolled and prepared to start school:

1. Military Families: Planning your Arrival to Chesterfield County Public Schools


2. Military Families: Preparing your Move from Chesterfield County Public Schools

If your child is moving from CCPS and transferring from either within or outside of Chesterfield County, a record release form needs to be completed. This form is located in the school’s main office with our school’s registrar. Once completed and returned to the school’s registrar, the form will be faxed to the student’s new school. At that point the new school can request your student’s educational records.

3. Academic Planning for Military Families

For information on Special Education Instruction, please use the following link: http://mychesterfieldschools.com/curriculum/exceptional-education/

For information on Advanced Academic Programs, please use the following link: http://mychesterfieldschools.com/curriculum/gifted-education/

For information on Graduation Requirements, please use the following link: http://mychesterfieldschools.com/curriculum/graduation-requirements/

For information on Home Instruction, please use the following link: http://mychesterfieldschools.com/curriculum/home-schooling/

4. Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Families

Please visit the following website for more information on CCPS and the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Families: http://mychesterfieldschools.com/family-and-community-engagement/interstate-compact-on-educational-opportunity-for-military-children/

5. Other matters of importance:

Impact Aid Student-Parent Survey: The Impact Aid Survey will be sent out to parents at the beginning of the school year by our school’s registrar.

PTA: Please use the following link to learn more about and join our awesome PTA: https://springrunpta.org/

Extra Curricular Activities: You can learn more about SRES’s activities by using the following link: https://sites.google.com/a/ccpsnet.net/swes/home/activities

Resources for Military Families and Students:

Military Families Support Page on VDOE:


Virginia School Liaison Officers:


Virginia Council on the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children:



Virginia Laws Related to Education of Military Children: