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Kindergarteners will learn the basics of matching pitch vocally, playing simple instruments, and recognizing/demonstrating steady beat. Students will perform lots of movements to music, whether they are choreographed or student-created.  Students will begin to read, write, and improvise simple rhythms and notes on the music staff.  Students will play several classroom instruments.  Kindergarteners will also recognize opposites in music such as soft/loud, high/low, fast/slow, etc.


First grade

Students should be getting more comfortable with matching pitch vocally.  They will build a simple repertoire of songs.  Students will read and write rhythms that include quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes, and rests.  First graders will read some notes from the music staff.  We will learn dances that students will begin to perform independently.  Classes will perform music using several classroom instruments.  Students should recognize/demonstrate the difference between high and low, loud and soft, fast and slow, and the proper musical terms that correlate with these.  First graders will perform their first musical play in the spring for their parents!


Second grade

Students will read and sing multi-verse songs.  Students will read, perform, and write rhythms including quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets, sixteenth notes, half notes, whole notes, and a variety of rests. This grade level will continue to learn dances and perform them independently.  These students should begin to recognize form in musical selections and hear how contrasting sections are different/similar.  Students will learn many musical terms to use when listening to and discussing these similarities/differences.  Second graders learn to recognize all the notes on the music staff.  Students will begin to create their own lyrics, movements, and even compose a short song by the end of the year.


Third grade

Students will sing a repertoire of songs using proper posture and clear tone quality.  They should begin to develop a more critical ear when listening to music, and a vocabulary to use when discussing what they hear.  Students will read, write, and perform rhythms and melodies using pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments.

They will recognize instruments from all four instrument families in the orchestra, as well as knowing the proper way to play all of our classroom percussion instruments.  Students will play games and perform dances from other cultures.  This grade level will continue to recognize form and differing sections within music.  Third graders will perform in two-part ensembles.  Students will create new verses, and movements to songs and even write their own short songs by the end of the year.  Third graders will all perform together in a musical play for their parents!


Fourth grade

Students will perform a repertoire of songs vocally and with instruments, using expression.  Students will write, perform, and read rhythms and melodies on the treble staff.  Fourth graders will become more comfortable with performing in two-part ensembles with simple harmonies.  Students will create simple movements, and melodies. This grade level will recognize and interpret dynamic markings and time signatures.  They will begin to hear the difference between major and minor sounding music.  Students will review instruments from all instrument families in the orchestra, and learn about others from different cultures.  Students will learn about famous composers from various musical time periods and begin to regularly discuss the elements they hear from each style using proper musical vocabulary. This grade level will demonstrate understanding the basics of composing.  Fourth graders will spend a significant portion of the year learning to play the recorder and all will perform a concert for their parents!


Fifth grade

Fifth graders will begin our year working on their holiday musical to perform for parents in December!  Students will show proper choral techniques involving posture, sound quality, and choreography. Students will continue to explore with simple harmonies.  This grade level will be able to read, write, and perform rhythms and melodies from the treble staff on pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments.  We will review all known instruments and explore others from different cultures.  Students should be more comfortable improvising movements, and rhythms.  Fifth graders will study several notable composers from various time periods and recognize elements of music specific to each style they hear.  Students should speak, using musical vocabulary, about any type of music they may be exposed to.  Students will compose music and perform their compositions by the end of the year.  This grade level will discuss options for continuing music education at the middle school level. Last, we will perform one last song in fifth grade closing ceremony!