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Exceptional Education


The Special Education Team

Gregory Poore         Gregory_Poore@ccpsnet.net

Bernard Comer        Bernard_Comer@ccpsnet.net

Julia Fitch                Julia_Fitch@ccpsnet.net

Erin Moon              Erin_Moon@ccpsnet.net

Ivy Dowdy                Ivy_Dowdy@ccpsnet.net

Stephanie Erickson   Stephani_ Erickson@ccpsnet.net

Elizabeth Jackson     Elizabeth_Jackson@ccpsnet.net

Lisa Coates               Lisa_Coates@ccpsnet.net

Linwood Wilkinson   Linwood_Wilkinson@ccpsnet.net

Kay Hanley                Catherine_Hanley@ccpsnet.net

Collin Wells               Collins_Wells@ccpsnet.net

Shannon Hairston      Shannon_Hairston@ccpsnet.net

Marybeth Gorman   Marybeth_Gorman@ccpsnet.net

Beth Band               Beth_Band@ccpsnet.net

Ian Pifer                   Ian_Pifer@ccpsnet.net

Moria Sallade         Moria_Sallade@ccpsnet.net


Special Education Instructional Assistants

Mr. Guy

Stephanie Erickson

Jamila Glover

Sophia Friend

Nancie Norfleet

Jayne Rivera

Lasondya Carabello

Shanika Davis

Melissa Karakasians

Eileen Jenkins

The Special Education Department of Salem Church Middle School acknowledges and supports the importance of individualizing all educational experiences by meeting the unique needs of every student.

Each student’s Individualized Educational Program (IEP) team, of which the parents are important members, works toward fostering each child’s development of a positive self-concept and identity within his environment. We anticipate providing our students with the tools to become self-sufficient, contributing members of our society.

Arts for All

One special way that we meet the needs of individual students is by offering a special class to students in select programs entitled Arts for All. Please click the link for more information.