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Mrs. Kuper-Art 

Amazing works of art are created in the Fine Arts classes at Salem Middle. Mrs. Kuper has three signature steps to help improve students' drawing ability. Students explore a variety of art mediums including clay, paint, graphite, and more! Each grade level does unique projects. So if you take art in sixth grade, you will explore new art concepts in seventh and eighth grades.

Sixth graders may take art as one rotation of the Exploratory elective class. Seventh graders may take a semester of art which leaves their schedule open to take a semester of another course of their choosing. Eighth graders have the option to take a semester of art or a year long class for advanced art students. Seventh and eighth graders will receive a sketchbook as part of the course supplies!

A common misconception is that you must know how to draw to be in art class, but art class is for everyone! Drawing is a skill that everyone can improve. Art teaches students to focus, be creative, use good craftsmanship (neatness and attention to detail), problem solving, and how to read a visual language. We practice both skill based art lessons and take time to let our creativity shine!