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Gifted Education Referrals

CCPS offers two levels of gifted education services, and evaluation of students for either level begins with submission of a referral form to the Gifted Education coordinator at the student's home school. All gifted education referrals are held to the timeline below. When the referral deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, referrals are due on the first instructional day after this date.

October 15th - Students currently in Grade 5
January 15th - Students currently in Grades 2-4 and 6-12
March 15th - Students currently in Grades K-1

Referred students are assessed with nationally-normed aptitude and achievement tests, teacher recommendations, and grades or student products. Data and eligibility are then reported to parents on a Gifted Education Student Profile, and students may begin receiving the appropriate level of gifted education services during the following school year.