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Welcome to the Salem Elementary School Music Room!


Music Teacher - Mr. Sheetz

In our Music room, every grade level has the opportunity to explore rhythm and pitch through movement, instrument play and performance.  

K – Nursery rhymes, steady beat proficiency, Loud/Soft (forte/piano), Tempo (fast/Slow), and rhythmic dictation using the Kodaly symbols “ta” and  "ti-ti.”

1st – Distinguishing the difference between a steady beat and rhythm, rhythmic dictation using “ta”and “ti-ti.”  We review and elaborate on pitch (high/low) notated by Sol Feg Syllables.

2nd – Exploring rhythm: creating and performing rhythm patterns with a steady beat in a drum circle.  Work on pitch (high/low) notated by Sol Feg Syllables with the seven different notes in a diatonic scale. Introduce rhythm by tradition notation rather than the Kodaly/Orff method of “ta/ti.”

3rd – Identify the basics of music: staff, treble clef, and the notes of the staff.  Third grade presents the Annual Winter Program.  In third grade, our students are introduced to basic guitar skills and start recorder in the spring.

4th & 5th – We discuss geography, world, and music history through our different composers.  We introduce the concept of drumming which is often done in circles in West Africa with a concentration of Ghana. We discuss the importance of the circle as a symbol of equality among cultures such as American Indians, Aborigines of Australia, and others. Students learn drum basics: open tones/bass tones on (conga type) drums.  These students as well play guitar and recorder in the spring, working on basic chord structures and note value.