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Teacher of the Year

Michael Maher SCMS's 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year  


2001-Present: Swift Creek Middle School

English 6

English 7: 2009-2010 (one class) and 2010-2011 (two classes)

1996-2001: Goochland Middle School

Social studies 6: 1996-1999

English 6: 1999-2001

Spring 1996: Swift Creek Middle School

Substitute teacher (almost every day)

Fall 1995: Swift Creek Middle School

English 6 student teacher

Master’s Degree: Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, 1995

Bachelor’s Degree: Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ, 1993

Professional Duties/Recognitions

  • 2014-Present: Swift Creek Middle School’s United Way Representative.

  • 2016-Present: CrimeSolver’s Club Co-sponsor.

  • May 2016: Swift Creek Middle School’s Teacher of the Month.

  • Student Recognition Committee member.

  • Coordinator or co-coordinator and presenter of SCMS’ annual sixth-grade awards assembly.

  • 2013-2014, 2015-2016: English 6 PLC Leader.

  • 2015-2016: School Improvement Committee.

  • 2007-2013: Sponsor or co-sponsor of Paper Recycling Club.

  • 2005-2006: MCD Award for Initiative and Innovation in Educational Practice Grant Recipient (along with Sharon Austin of MHS) for “Moving Experiences”, which paired Midlothian High School AP students with English 6 Comprehensive students to work on a year-long writing project.

Thank you for the honor of this nomination--especially alongside such educators as Alisa, Rob, and Chris. As I worked at unfulfilling job after unfulfilling job in my 20s and early 30s, “You should try teaching” surfaced in my thoughts quite frequently. (I know--there’s help for that!)

Since the middle school years were so awful for me, I decided that when I left my former life in New Jersey and moved to Richmond in January 1994 to begin graduate school at VCU, I wanted to try to help kids get through this often rough time of life. Of course I hope that some of my love of reading and writing is passed along, but, above all, I care about the people my students become.