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Exceptional Education

"Look within...the secret is inside you!" *
Swift Creek Middle School supports the diverse educational needs and interests of each student. The Department of Special Education at Swift Creek Middle School promotes research-based specialized instruction and services and provides supports to address the identified needs of each student in compliance with federal, state and division procedures.
Special education procedures include referral, evaluation, and eligibility determination that culminate in development of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) with staff and parent collaboration.
In addition to serving students through a continuum of educational settings, we are one of two catchment schools in Chesterfield County for both students with Autism and students with Severe Intellectual Disabilities. 
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*  quote by Hui-neng

The Autism Program offers a self-contained classroom servicing students diagnosed with autism. Staff work on differentiating classroom lesson plans so that they suit each individual student’s needs. These needs include academic, behavioral, social, and life skills. Additionally, students are integrated as much as possible with their non-disabled peers through various activities such as book buddies, art elective, music elective, special physical education activities, and school-wide activities. Students participate in community-based instruction including but not limited to grocery shopping, trips to restaurants, and Special Olympics. Students also work to raise awareness and several fundraisers are held throughout the year to sell student-created crafts which have included awareness pins and silly pencils.

Severe Intellectual Disabilities
The classroom for students with severe intellectual disabilities at Swift Creek Middle School provides services to students with severe intellectual and multiple disabilities. We provide instruction and adaptations to meet each student’s individual needs. Students work on daily living, social, vocational, communication and pre-academic skills.  We facilitate participation and integration into the daily activities of SCMS through the Special Buddies program. Students who participate in the Special Buddy program volunteer their time to eat lunch with students in the SID class. They share what is happening in their day. They come to school early to help students get off the special education buses and go to their lockers. These experiences give all students a chance to demonstrate the ability to listen, communicate, serve, and guide others.