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Welcome to Wellness at Reams!

Meet Miss Blaylock 

Miss Blaylock has joined our staff as the Wellness Integration Specialist. She will work as a resource to build a culture of health and wellness throughout the school. She will be in classrooms throughout the building teaching content lessons and adding movement to the student’s day. She previously taught 5th grade at Harrowgate Elementary school. Miss Blaylock stays healthy by running in local races, doing chores on the family farm, and snacking on apples and peanut butter.

Healthy eating at Home:

USDA provides child-tested recipes, approved for taste, and highlighting seasonal produce and higher nutritional value. As we welcome this brisk cool weather, consider trying these recipes. Healthy eating benefits all of us keeps us balanced.

Great Garden Soup

Harvest Delight

Challenge of the month:

The grocery store is filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. The next time you and your family go shopping take on a challenge. You might be surprised at how much your taste buds can change! Pick out a fruit or vegetable that you have never had before and buy it and try it!