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Promote Respect


Positive Behavior Intervention Support is an initiative implemented by the Virginia Department of Education and Chesterfield County Public Schools to promote and maximize academic achievement and a positive school culture. It is a school -wide framework for helping all students achieve important social and learning goals. We know that when good behavior and good teaching come together, our students will achieve their dreams of excellence. 

Peaceful School Bus: We have successfully implemented the Peaceful School Bus Program at Reams. The purpose of the program to decrease inappropriate behavior and build relationships between the students. Each bus has a helper from our staff who gets on the bus each morning to greet the students and see if the students have had any problems. The school bus helper speaks to the children and help to find a solution. We reward our students ” at the end of the year with bracelets that said, “I am a Peaceful School Bus Rider.” 

Bully Prevention: Believing that all students have a right to learn in a safe and supportive environment, Reams Elementary works to promote a positive school climate of mutual respect with clear behavioral expectations. Our “Rules against Bullying” are taught early in the school year and posted in every classroom. Lessons emphasizing what bystanders can do to help stop bullying are presented on every grade level.
Lisa St. Pierre, guidance counselor for more information
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