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School Counseling

Parent/Teacher Referrals for Gifted Testing will be accepted until Jan. 15, 2018 - this is a firm county cut off date. Please contact Mrs. Cushman or Mrs. Turner if you need a referral form.

Want to sign up for your school counselor? Need to report an unkind incident? Worried about the safety of a classmate?
Please see this link to make an electronic appointment request or report an incident. Please note that these google forms are only monitored during school hours.

The mission of the Robious Middle School Counseling program, in partnership with educators, families, and community members, is to provide services which enhance all students’ academic, personal/social, and career development. School counselors empower all students to become life- long learners and responsible, productive adults who can adapt to and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Beliefs and Philosophy
  • All students can achieve and deserve access to the most rigorous curriculum
  • All students’ individual differences and special needs will be taken in consideration in planning and implementing the school counseling program
  • All students have the right to be treated with dignity and respect at school and have access to school counselors throughout the school year
  • All students deserve a counselor who can serve as a change agent to advocate for students needs and results

The Robious Middle school Counseling Program:
Provides a program based on ASCA National Standards and Virginia State Standards
Provides a program planned by the counseling department and stakeholders
Combines community resources for program delivery
Uses data to drive program development, evaluation, and impact
The Robious Middle School Counselors will participate in professional development as well as follow ethical standards.

Each student at middle and high school is assigned a school counselor to aid them in their transition from elementary school as well as choosing courses and applying to Specialty Centers for High School. Counselors at Robious Middle School are assigned by last name as follows for the 2017-2018 academic year:

Martha Turner (Coordinator)                                       CBG 6-8
Carolyn Mallory                                                          8th Grade
Melanie Smith                                                            7th Grade
Brooke Olson (T,Th) and Elizabeth Farner (M,W,F)       6th Grade
Denise Cushman                                                         School Counseling Secretary