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Robious has a strong intramural program that offers activities in three seasons of the year. Announcements are made prior to the
 starting dates for these activities and students can sign up to participate with parental permission. Activities may change according to interest and they are open to any student at Robious Middle School.

Each activity is held from one to two hours after school several days a week for five to ten weeks. Transportation must be provided by parents. If there are any questions about the programs or offerings, you may contact the sponsors.

Students who would like to participate in Athletics or Intramurals must have a completed Concussion Form and signed Risk Form on file prior to the start of the season. See bottom of page for links to the concussion and risk forms.

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Basketball: Basketball intramurals are open to all students and all ability levels. The intramural will expose students to the game of basketball and allow them to develop their skills in a safe and fun environment.

Time of year: Starts Tuesday, September 25 in the gymnasium from 2:15pm to 4pm.. Every student will need a Risk Form and a Concussion Form filled out and turned in to be able to participate in the intramural. Rides need to pick you up no later than 4pm.

Intramural Dates - September 25 and 27

October 9, 16 and 25

How to Join: Anyone can join

Sponsors: Mr. Berry 

Contact: Jeff_Berry@ccpsnet.net

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Climbing: To learn about Climbing while developing positive relationships with other students.

Time of year: Winter (November through March)

How to join: Anyone can join; limit of 25 students

Sponsor: Mr. John Ferrucci

Contact: John_Ferrucci@ccpsnet.net

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Kickball: To learn about Kickball while developing positive relationships with other students.

Time of year: Spring

How to join: Anyone can join; limit of 25 students

Sponsor: Mr. Jeff Berry

Contact: Jeff_Berry@ccpsnet.net

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Volleyball: To learn about Volleyball while developing positive relationships with other students.

Time of year: Fall, Spring, and Winter

How to join: Anyone can join

Sponsor: Erin Weaver

Contact: Erin_McGuire@ccpsnet.net

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Raider Winter Guard: 
Winter Guard is the sport of the arts that incorporates dance, flag, rifle, and saber into a 2-3 minute routine set to music, color, and choreography in a manner consistent with the theme of the current show. No experience is necessary. Season starts in late November and goes through March.

 A sports physical is REQUIRED to try-out.

Time of year: Practices are every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:15-4:00.

How to join: Try-outs this year will be Monday November 12 - Thursday November 15, 2:15-3:30 in the cafe.

Sponsor: Mrs. Erica Eaton

Contact: Erica_Eaton@ccpsnet.net

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