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Clubs & Organizatons

Clubs and organizations provide students with many positive experiences that help them to become well-rounded individuals who are ready for college or the workplace. Joining a club gives students a chance to explore their interests and talents.
Participation in extra-curricular activities will foster creative, social and physical skills that are desirable qualities to colleges and future employers. Involvement can strengthen self-esteem, build lasting friendships and create a lifetime of memories!

Want to start your OWN club? Many clubs are created during the school year based on student interest! If you would like to start your own club (Ex. Rubik's Cube Club) all you need to do is find a teacher who is willing to be your sponsor and supervise club meetings.

There is something for everyone! Get involved!
 Please direct any questions about a club to the club sponsor.

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Book Nooks (Action book club): We will be partnering with Little Free Library's Action Book Club™ and invite student participants (grades 6-8) to read books on timely topics, engage in discussions, and take part in meaningful group service projects benefit their communities. Students will meet during roundtable time for discussions and create projects at least once a month. 
How to Join: If you are interested, stop by the library to sign up. Our next meeting will be on January 17th  during Roundtable! We will be discussing The Leaning Dog and be making dog toys for the Richmond Animal League. Our book for February is Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick; we will be making care packages for kids  with cancer.

Sponsor: Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Oliver
Contact: donna_wilson@ccpsnet.net, marybeth_oliver@ccpsnet.net
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Builder's Club: Our goal is to instill leadership through community service activities. Meeting times will be coming soon and will be after school.

How to join: Anyone can join!
Sponsors: Mrs. Ferguson and Mrs. Edens
Contact: Tracy_Ferguson@ccpsnet.net and Janet_Edens@ccpsnet.net

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Debate Club: Our goal is to instill leadership through communications activities by practicing debate topics and opposing viewpoints.

How to join: membership is full

Sponsors: Mrs. Oliver, Mrs. Hill, and Mrs. Hershmann

Contact: Marybeth_Oliver@ccpsnet.net


How to join: Sign up with Mrs. Oliver in the library

Meetings: The Debate club meets on Wednesdays during Roundtable in the library
Sponsor: Mrs. Oliver
Contact: Marybeth_Oliver@ccpsnet.net

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Diversity club: Our goal is to embrace the diversity in our school

How to join: Sign up in the library

Sponsors:  Mrs. Farner, and Mrs. Wilson

Contact:  elizabeth_farner@ccpsnet.net; donna_wilson@ccpsnet.net

Purpose: To celebrate our differences and promote position images in the school including making posters, announcements, and other activities to make sure all students feel included and accepted.

How to join: Sign up with Mrs. Wilson in the library

Meetings: The Diversity club meets on Wednesdays during Roundtable in either room 233 or the library

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Maker's Club: 

The RMS Makers Club is for anyone who likes to create, discover, experiment, and, of course, make! Whether you want to start coding, deconstruct things to see how they work, use junk to make art, or learn how to use XY plotters and 3D printers, this club is for you. Meetings are held in the RMS Makerspace (Room 366) where students and teachers can collaborate and learn together. 

Meeting times and dates will be coming soon.

How to join:
Anyone can join

: Mrs. Couillard, Mrs. Sandra Guyer, and Mrs. Herceg
Contact: Allison_Couillard@ccpsnet.net, Sandra_Guyer@ccpsnet.net, and Katherine_Herceg@ccpsnet.net

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National Junior Honor Society: 

The National Junior Honor Society is one of the oldest and most respected student recognition organizations in the United States. Membership in NJHS distinguishes students who have committed themselves to the pursuit of academic excellence, community improvement, and personal development.

How to join: Students will be sent an invitation-based on their GPA. There is an application process with a written essay and a review-with a panel of teachers before students are selected. Students for the fall induction ceremony have already been notified if they were selected.

The induction ceremony will be in the fall of 2018. Meetings will be held during Round table time either on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Sponsors: Ms. White, Mrs. McDonald, and Ms. Arnone
Contact: Stephanie_White@ccpsnet.net; Meredith_McDonald@ccpsnet.net

Robotics: To learn about robotics while developing positive relationships with other students.

How to join: Anyone can join

Time of year: Winter

Sponsor: Dr. Millie Britt

Contact: Mildred_Britt@ccpsnet.net