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Bullying Prevention

At Robious Elementary we work very hard to make certain every student not only achieves his/her potential but also feels safe, nurtured, and generally enjoys their school day. One way we accomplish this is through “The Robious Way” character traits that are taught and practiced by every staff member and child. While this continues to be an integral strategy to combat bullying, we do realize that at times bullying issues do occur.

We work with the students from grades K-5 to address what bullying behavior looks like and how to “Stand Up for Yourself”. We role play how to confront another person in a positive, non-physical way. We discuss strategies of ignoring, walking away, being confident, and telling an adult if these methods do not work. In addition our morning crew meetings are a great way for the classroom teachers and the counselors to deal with any bullying issues that do arise.

We are also working hard to create a sense of community and responsibility on each bus. Mrs. Wilkes meets with students on each of the bus routes at least two or three times during the school year and more often if needed. We call these meetings “Bus Route” Morning Meetings. These meetings are a way for students to get to know the names of every one on their bus, learn how to act responsibly on the bus, as well as an opportunity to review our rules against bullying. Bus Drivers also are invited to attend these meetings. By seeing bus drivers, teachers, and other school staff and parents working together, students are assured that adults care about what happens on the school bus.

Parents have an important role in helping us make Robious a bully-free environment. As parents it’s helpful for you to be educated on what bullying is and how it can manifest itself in your child’s school day. What is bullying? Most people think of bullying as one person threatening or actually physically assaulting another person for no apparent reason. While these are examples of bullying behaviors, they are not exhaustive, nor are they typical of behavior we see at RES. Bullying includes name-calling, teasing, writing hurtful statements, and intentional exclusion. Boys tend to engage in direct bullying such as teasing, taunting, and shoving. Girls who bully are more apt to use indirect methods such as spreading rumors and lies and verbal teasing.

It is important to realize though that Bullying is a REPEATED act. Bullying is NOT an isolated incident, but one that happens continuously over a period of time. Often a child will have a bad interaction where one child calls another child a name. This is not bullying, but a good opportunity to teach both children how to problem solve and communicate their feelings. Our goal is to teach children to be assertive and speak up when they are teased. If however a child attempts to handle a problem on their own and the other student persists in teasing, name calling, pushing, or excluding then we encourage your child to ask for help.

If your child reports to you a problem on the bus or somewhere else at school, please let us know. Many thanks for partnering with us to make Robious Elementary a bully-free environment.