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Mr. Andrew Woodward, Art Specialist

Mr. Andrew Woodward, Art Specialist


The art curriculum is based on building off prior knowledge and skills.

In kindergarten we focus on developing our fine motor skills and understanding how to properly function in an art studio. Major areas of focus include drawing (lines, shapes, patterns, textures & color) collage & watercolor painting.

In 1st grade we take steps in our drawing and begin to think about 3-D shapes, shading and color blending. We also do more process oriented work such as mosaic art and creating other mixed-media work. More emphasis is stressed on drawing from observation and thinking about how a background relates to subject matter. In 1st grade we really start looking at our work and finding ways to critique and revise, which is a skill we build upon in 2nd - 5th grade.

2nd grade is a great time where all the work we have done in kindergarten and 1st grade culminate and students create mixed-media pieces that have multiple layers of different elements. Students will explore the world of sculpture and begin to learn new techniques beyond the realm of drawing and collage. We also begin to start thinking about how symbols can be generated in art and learning about art from different cultures around the world.

By 3rd grade we begin to explore new processes for creating work and begin to refine our presentation skills. Students work with symmetry and create tessellations. Students will work with grids and realism. Students will use multiple mediums to blend colors and create work that is abstract. Student will use the slab technique to hand build with clay, as well.

In 4th grade the focus is drawing. We look at how artists use their technique to create stunning, realistic drawing from observation. Focus areas include, value & shading, contour, gesture & composition. Students will work with fine point sharpies and explore the world of graphic arts, as well as incorporating their prior knowledge of mixed-media work to create illustrations that truly tell a story.

5th graders begin the year with the monumental task of creating the yearbook cover. Students explore art through analyzing different styles throughout history and look at the roles of artists in society. Students will practice creating work that is abstract, expressionistic and realistic through different lessons in media exploration. By this point students should have a strong understanding of what a good critique looks like and how to get positive feedback from rubrics and collaboration.

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