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In 6th grade, students will learn about Scientific Investigation, Energy, Matter, Water, Weather/Atmosphere, Space, and the Environment. Students will enjoy labs and activities such as creating atoms out of play-doh, finding the density of water, and identifying every day energy conversions at stations.  Students will create their own interactive notebooks after participating in classroom discussions, working in groups, and viewing a variety of videos and animations.

In seventh grade, life science, students will have an opportunity to learn about cellular structure and function.  Also, they will learn how genes are passed down from one generation to the next.  They will identify the components of DNA.  They will discover the importance of photosynthesis and respiration.  Students will explore how organisms interact with one another in an ecosystem.

Eighth Grade Science is a blast!  We learn about Chemistry (chemical reactions; elements; acids and bases)  and Physics (electricity; forces; machines; light; sound, energy). We do a lot of laboratory activities, which is always fun!  Physical Science is a combination of chemistry and physics.  It deals with the nature of matter and energy.  The goal of physical science is to guide students in problem-solving and scientific discovery.  During the course of the year, students will also review concepts from general science and life science as physical science is an SOL year and students will be testing on all concepts learned in grades 6-8.