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Welcome to the PVMS math department! Our belief is that students learn mathematics by doing, by participating and by reflecting on what has been said or done within the classroom. Therefore, active participation is essential in completing the rigorous SOL’s of all middle school math courses.

In MSMI, we are transitioning from elementary school math concepts to middle school math concepts. The sixth-grade math topics place continued emphasis on the study of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. Students will use ratios, make conversions within a given measurement system, classify three-dimensional figures, represent and interpret data collected from real-life situations, and understand probability and statistics. At this level, students will be introduced to integers, algebraic terms, and solving algebraic equations in one variable which will prepare them for MSMII.

In MSMII, we are preparing for the high school level course Algebra 1. The seventh-grade math topics place the emphasis on consumer application problems, proportional reasoning, and more coverage of integers particularly operations with integers. Students will discover the properties of real numbers, solve two-step linear equations and inequalities, and graph in the coordinate plane which will help with their study of Algebra.

In Algebra 1, students are building the foundation for all future math courses. Algebra topics place the emphasis on making connections between algebra and arithmetic and then transitioning to the symbolic. Topics covered in Algebra include solving multi-step equations, equations with variables on both sides, solving literal equations, slope, solving systems of equations and inequalities, exponent rules, functions, direct and inverse variation, line and curve of best fit, quadratic equations, and statistics. Practical applications are utilized which helps students understand the abstract concepts that are in the world of Algebra.