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Physical Education

sports balls

Health and physical well-being have become a serious issue in this country. Obesity, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition are the leading causes of the rapid increases in chronic diseases affecting our nation.

I chose to become a physical educator in order to help inspire future generations to make healthier lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, it is hard for some children to truly lead healthy lifestyles because they are limited to eating the food they are given as well as mirroring the lifestyle choices of their parents. Educating the Providence youth as well as their parents is extremely important to me so I can help increase awareness of the dangers of physical inactivity and poor nutrition. Most importantly, I don't believe that shoving numbers and statistics at our children is a way to help correct the problem that our nation is facing. I don't want to "tell" our students what to do; I want to "show" them. I show the students by creating lessons that are fun and exciting with learning experiences.

My goal for all students who attend Providence Elementary School is to learn fun ways to incorporate physical activity and nutrition into daily habit. I show our students many activities which can become a lifelong passion whether that is through sports, outdoor activities or dance.

Parents, you can be a driving force outside of school to help instill a passion for nutrition and physical activity. There are many things parents can do to help their children- from purchasing healthy food and preparing homemade meals to creating a fun atmosphere while playing outside with their kids. In short, if a child deems something fun, he or she will continually want to experience that over and over in their lifetime.

It is all of our jobs to make physical education, exercise, fitness, and nutrition fun experiences so we can encourage them to keep that going throughout their lifetimes.