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musical staff
Music is a subject that promotes many positive attributes that students need in order to succeed in school and in life. Creativity, self-confidence and control, persistence, and teamwork are just some of the positive behaviors and attributes cultivated by music education and performance.

By the time students leave fifth grade at Providence Elementary, they should possess the skills necessary to continue their music education in middle school. These skills include:
    Identifying and performing various rhythms up to and including             sixteenth note patterns,
    Identifying and performing notation and rests in a song.
    Composing and improvising music,
    Evaluating music and music performances.

Parents can assist their children in accomplishing their music goals by keeping track of any and all music homework and giving their child a time and place to practice their music (especially instrumental). A quiet location with no distractions works best.

The following are the behavioral expectations for the music classroom. They are very similar to our school rules, but with specific references to the music room. We are:

Respectful - We raise our hands to speak, we listen to the speaker, we keep our hands and unkind words to ourselves, and accept adult decisions.

Responsible - We follow directions, we bring our materials to class, we tell the truth, and take care of music equipment.

Resourceful - We think of our choices before we act. we ask for help if needed, we ignore inappropriate behaviors, and help others.