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This list will sort by subject matter, then grade level and then last name. The phone number provided is a voice mail number. Please leave teachers a message with your student's name and your contact information.

To email a teacher, use the email prefix provided and follow it with ccpsnet.net
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Last NameFirst NameGrade Level or SubjectEmail Prefix
Last NameFirst NameGrade Level or SubjectEmail Prefix
Belcher Dana 1st grade teacher  
Burley Allison  1st grade teacher  
Fincher Joanna 1st grade teacher Joanna_Fincher 
Saferight Kim 1st grade teacher Kimberly_Saferight 
Scheffield Caitly 1st grade teacher  
Hartman Katherine 2nd grade teacher Katherine_Hartman 
Hendricks Ginger 2nd grade teacher Virginia_Hendricks 
Ipock Laura 2nd grade teacher Laura_Ipock 
Long Leslie 2nd grade teacher Leslie_Long 
Ligatti Kim 3rd grade teacher Kimberly_Ligatti 
Patey Cynthia 3rd grade teacher Cynthia_Patey 
Sharp Kate 3rd grade teacher katherinej_sharp 
Stewart Lynn 3rd grade teacher Marilyn_Stewart 
Watts Alicia 3rd grade teacher Alicia_Watts 
Campbell Sue 4th grade teacher Sue_Campbell 
Faris Jeff 4th grade teacher Jeffrey_Faris 
Garofola Meg 4th grade teacher  
Pearson Mary 4th grade teacher Mary_Pearson 
Wilburn Amber 4th grade teacher Amber_Wilburn 
Blais Adam 5th grade teacher Adam_Blais 
Gusewelle Jill 5th grade teacher Jill_Gusewelle 
Kenny Amanda 5th grade teacher Amanda_Kenny 
Phillips Pete 5th grade teacher  
Scott Amy 5th grade teacher Amy_Scott 
Thomas Jessica Art teacher Jessica_Thomas 
Johnson Peter Assistant Principal Peter_Johnson 
Thompson Susan Cafeteria Manager  
Bowers Tessa Clinic Assistant  
Alvis Cathey Computer resource teacher Cathey_Alvis 
Jackson Laura Coordinator of Special Education  
Tillar Sharon Early Childhood Teacher Sharon_Tillar 
Novak Gwen ESOL Teacher Gwendolynne_Novak 
  Exceptional Education teacher  
Armwood Jontue Exceptional Education teacher Jontue_Armwood 
Heyer Amy Exceptional Education teacher Amy_Heyer 
Livick Janet Exceptional Education teacher Janet_Livick 
Neal Marlene Exceptional Education teacher Marlene_Neal 
Peterson Tahisha Exceptional Education teacher Tahisha_Peterson 
Ellerbee Kesha Exceptional Education Teacher Kesha_Ellerbee 
Bedard Kelly Kindergarten teacher Kelly_Bedard 
Kelley Meagan Kindergarten teacher Meagan_Kelley 
McAuliffe Erin Kindergarten teacher Erin_McAuliffe 
Murphy Donna Kindergarten teacher Donnal_Murphy 
Bristow Karen Librarian karen_bristow 
Henderson Andrew Music teacher Andrew_Henderson 
Custer Susan Occupational Therapist Susan_Custer 
Kohowski Evelyn Office Manager Evelyn_Kohowski 
Morgan Garrett Physical Education teacher Garrett_Morgan 
Barnes Katrien Physical Therapist Katrien_Barnes 
Ashbrook Kathy Pre-Kindergarten teacher Kathy_Ashbrook 
Rakes Lisa Pre-Kindergarten teacher Lisa_Rakes 
Rucker Sharon Principal Sharon_Rucker 
Miller Jenna Psychologist  
Blanks Joanna Reading Specialist Joanna_Blanks 
Crawford Margo School Counselor Margo_Crawford 
Bediako Maria School Counselor - Itinerant  
Mahoney  Brendan School Nurse  
  School Social Worker  
Booker Lisa Secretary Lisa_Booker 
Johnson Katie Secretary Maryk_Johnson 
Morris Laura Speech Language Pathologist Laura_Morris 
Seaman Katherine Speech Language Pathologist Katherine_Seaman 
Starr Brenda Title I Math Teacher Brenda_Starr 
Hoisington Karen Title I Reading Teacher Karen_Hoisington 
Showing 64 items