This site includes links to multimedia experiences, activities, and additional resources aligned to Virginia's Standards of Learning. Students, parents and teachers are encouraged to use these resources to support student learning outside the classroom.

Please read carefully the CCPS policy regarding student access to 3rd party content

  • must sign an acceptable use agreement annually. 
  • are allowed access to Internet resources with the understanding that some material may be inaccurate or objectionable. 
  • using Chesterfield County Public Schools’ electronic information systems are subject to monitoring by Chesterfield County Public School personnel. 
  • may be provided with a username and password to access educational content or activities on contracted websites. Such websites may collect personally identifiable information from students, including usernames and passwords. Specific website company/vendor privacy policies should be consulted regarding collection of information, including information for students under the age of 13.
Chesterfield County Public Schools: 
  • allows students to access electronic information systems while safeguarding students from potential hazards by filtering objectionable sites. 
  • reserves the right to block downloading from specific file extensions or specific sites. 
  • may provide students with access to online educational services and websites purchased through contracts with educational companies and vendors.
  • does not endorse and is not responsible for content associated with links outside of the Chesterfield County Public Schools’ network. 
  • does not permit access to content which violates the CCPS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  • does not filter content when accessing sites outside the CCPS network.
Parents may contact Chesterfield County Public Schools at any time: 
  • regarding privacy questions or concerns, or to request to review what personally identifiable information has been provided by the school and/or division. 
  • to provide contact information for the educational companies and vendors for such websites so that parents may contact them directly. 
  • to request that they delete the personally identifiable information of their child and disallow further access. Please note that this removal could prevent the student from having access to critical instructional materials.
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